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Rieju Returns to Dakar in 2023


Rieju will once again take part in the elite category of the Dakar Rally 2023 with its official riders, Dani Nosiglia, Diego Llanos and Sandra Gómez as part of the Rieju TEAM.

There will be a new itinerary for the fourth edition of the Dakar in Saudi Arabia from December 31, 2022, to January 15, 2023 and 1st round of the FIA-FIM World Rally-Raid Championship. The route will take the pilots from the beaches of the Red Sea to the sands of the Arabian Gulf in Dammam. This crossing of the country will be, in fact, a complete tour as the 14 stages will first lead the Dakar to the north-western mountain regions before heading to the deep southeast for a three-day journey, through an ocean of dunes in the Empty Quarter.


Rieju team manager Miquel García emphasises that “Apart from the classification, for me, the objective in an event like the Dakar is always for the riders to cross the finished line and enjoy the experience”. Rieju has entrusted this adventure to the XRAIDS EXPERIENCE team, a team made up of specialists with a great track record in Rally Raids. On this occasion, the bikes will be supplied by XRAIDS EXPERIENCE.

Linked to the world of motorbikes since he was born, Bolivian rider Daniel Nosiglia has competed in more than 14 rallies in different parts of Latin America and the world. He won a Dakar Series in Africa and what he wants most of all is for his country to be among the best in the world. His father, Walter Nosiglia, is one of Bolivia’s national heroes, having reached a historic third place in the Dakar in 2015.

Dani Nosiglia“Really happy, this is my sixth Dakar, we’ve worked very hard over the last few years to be in the best shape. My main goal is always to finish the Dakar, and we’ll fight to do so in the best possible position; I hope I finish in the top 15”.

Her whole life has revolved around dirt bikes. Motorbikes are a family affair, Sandra started riding motorbikes when she was 3 years old. From an early age it was always a game she shared with her brother, as well as a hobby of her father. The motorbike was always there.

Sandra Gómez: “My main goal for my debut in the Dakar 2022 was to finish. In my second participation, it is still the same, as well as trying to be as far ahead as possible in the women’s classification, but first I have to go day by day and step by step”.

His entire sporting career, over seven years, has been dedicated to the Enduro speciality, standing out in the Argentinean Championship and in three ISDE races. In addition, Diego has alternated his participation in Motocross competitions, as training and for the last four years he has been seriously considering the Dakar.

Diego Llanos: “I really like the sand and – according to Kevin – these are fast tracks, but with a lot of rocks. My first objective is to finish the Dakar. Of course I will try to go forward, but without hitting the bike”.


Rieju’s experience in top-level sporting competitions goes back four decades. It began life in 1978 with the production of the TT 406 motorbike as an evolution of the previous model, with a 74 cc engine. Minarelli Rieju began its successful adventure in off-road competitions, participating in his first Spanish Enduro Championship in the 75 cc category and going on to win a total of 12 National Championships in the category.
Since the outset, it has been present in races in different categories, although the 80 cc Enduro has given the brand the most victories, with 9 victories in the Spanish Championship and second place in the 1985 ISDE Enduro World Championship. In fact, the brand’s participation that year in the Six International Enduro Days of Cerdanya was a historic milestone. Rieju entered four MR80 motorbikes in the 80 cc category. Francesc Rubio was the most outstanding rider, finishing in an excellent second place in a race in which Rieju riders’ won 2 gold medals and 1 silver and 1 bronze medal. Other notable victories worth mentioning in other fields were those by Quim Fàbregas in 1985 on a Strada and Carlos Checa (World SuperbikeSBK champion) in 1991 on an RST80both in the Spanish Speed Championship.
Rieju’s first participation in the Dakar dates back to 2009. At the time the brand was developing two large-capacity enduro models (Marathon 250 and 450) and it debuted with 3 motorbikes as part of the Tot Curses team. This initial participation was followed by 2 others, with the Marathon 450 model already in production and made up of official Marathon teams. One highlight was the victory achieved by rider Filippo Ciotti in 2011 in the series motorbike category.


  • Spain’s oldest active manufacturer. A family business with 100%-owned capital.
  • It produces 20,000 vehicles/year in 38 different models.
  • It exports 90% of its production to more than 35 countries. Direct distribution in Spain, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.
  • A consolidated track record and experience in the sector, with more than 500,000 units manufactured.
  • Since 2006 it’s been the market leader in Spain and Europe with a 32% market share (in 50 cc).
  • Europe’s leading brand in low-capacity motorbikes with a gearbox.
  • A pioneer in the production of custom motorbikes since 2006.
  • Concerned about sustainability, it started producing electric motorbikes in 2010.
  • Gross income 2021: €48M.

After more than 80 years’ history, Rieju currently produces 38 vehicle models in the brand’s six ranges. The future looks green in a segment in which the brand has more than 14 years’ experience. The personalisation of vehicles is another of the brand’s undertakings to achieve the most adapted vehicles on the market. The company plans to celebrate its centenary by combining tradition and innovation.  This is the company’s insignia, one that has allowed it to become the oldest Spanish manufacturer in active service.


Rieju will broadcast its Dakar 2022 experience via its official channels and it will publish the daily results at: