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Léo Le Quéré, new addition to the Rieju factory team

Young French ride Léo LE Quéré joins the Rieju factory team for the upcoming 2023 season.

The Rieju Racing project continues growing, little by little the MR300 is positioning itself in enduro’s world, and the brand is making a big bet for next season by incorporating the French rider, Léo Le Quéré, who will race in the E3 category, participating in the World Enduro Championship, the French Enduro Championship, and also the Spanish Enduro Championship, whenever the dates allow it.


Léo Le Quéré:
“My ambition with Rieju is to take the brand to the highest level, to be French champion and to be on the podium in Grand Prix. To have occasional Grand Prix wins in E3 and to develop the brand in France, that’s what Rieju wants, to show the brand in Grand Prix. It’s a great pleasure to work with Rieju, I see that it’s a big family that is very involved. I will do my best to make the brand shine.”

Miquel García, Team Manager:
“Des de RIEJU we are very happy with the incorporation of Léo Le Quéré and we hope, together with the French rider, next season with great results and continue to position the brand in the Enduro world.”

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