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Navigating the Hungarian SuperEnduro GP: Hoare and Olszowy’s Thrilling Journey

Thrilling Action and Unwavering Determination: Hoare and Olszowy Navigate the Hungarian SuperEnduro GP

As the 2024 season of the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship charges forward, the recently concluded Hungarian GP proved to be a pivotal event for the Rieju Factory Team’s Will Hoare and Dominik Olszowy. Hosted in Budapest’s MVM Dome stadium, the challenging track witnessed intense competition among the best international SuperEnduro riders, and our dynamic duo showcased their skills on their MR 300 PRO bikes.

Qualifying Triumphs:

After successfully navigating the pre-qualifying rounds, Hoare and Olszowy secured their spots in the SuperPole, where the top seven riders vied for the best time. Hoare claimed the fourth position, while Olszowy secured the seventh spot, setting the stage for an exciting night of racing.

Race Highlights:

In the first final, Hoare demonstrated his agility by swiftly manoeuvring into the top five, engaging in a fierce battle throughout the race. Despite facing challenges, he secured a commendable sixth place. Olszowy, starting from the last row, showcased his overtaking prowess, finishing in the eighth position.

The second race, featuring an inverted start, proved eventful. Olszowy joined the top three contenders but faced a setback with a fall on the logs, ultimately finishing seventh. Hoare, starting at the back, had to make up positions, overcoming obstacles until a crash late in the race relegated him to tenth place.

The third and final race posed significant challenges, with Hoare initially securing a top-five position. However, a mishap with the logs disrupted his rhythm, and despite a valiant effort to recover, he finished in seventh place. Olszowy, after overcoming errors, concluded the night in eighth place.

Overall Standings:

After the three intense races, Hoare finished the GP in seventh place, while Olszowy secured the eighth spot, both amassing 25 points. These results solidify their provisional positions in the SuperEnduro World Championship standings.

Looking Ahead:

With their sights set on the future, Hoare and Olszowy maintain their momentum as they prepare for the upcoming Bulgarian GP in Sofia. In three weeks, the sixth qualifying round promises another thrilling chapter in the ongoing SuperEnduro World Championship, where the Rieju Factory Team aims to further assert their prowess on the challenging tracks.


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