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Rieju celebrates a double podium in the Xtreme Race, with Olszowy finishing second and Gómez securing third. Rosie Rowett clinches victory among the women at Bassella Race1. The renowned enduro festival, a yearly tradition in Bassella (Lleida) around this time, once again asserts itself as the premier mass off-road event in our country.

Kicking off on Saturday with over 1,100 riders, the majority had already competed in various afternoon races, drawing in numerous spectators who relished both the competitions and exploring the bustling paddock. In the MaxiTrail Race, Alfredo Gómez made his debut, albeit under less favourable conditions. Competing against opponents on powerful MaxiTrails exceeding 700cc, without class distinctions, put Gómez at a disadvantage. The highlight of the day unfolded with the Xtreme Race, where Rieju Factory Team riders showcased their prowess astride the MR 300 PRO.

In the initial qualifying races, Dominik Olszowy demonstrated remarkable technique, securing second place after five laps, with Will Hoare finishing fifth. Subsequently, in the second qualifying race, Alfredo Gómez claimed third place, while Eric Miquel finished tenth.

With these commendable results, all three qualified for the SuperPole Xtreme, positioning Gómez in third, Olszowy in fifth, and Hoare in eighth, setting the stage for an exhilarating final race.

The climax, the Xtreme Race, proved to be fiercely contested and enthralling, with a high-octane battle unfolding within the lead pack from the outset. Alfredo Gómez held second place closely behind the leader, while Olszowy secured third until midway through the race when a determined Olszowy made a bold move, overtaking Gómez to complete seven intense laps, ultimately clinching second place. Gómez followed closely behind, securing third on the podium. A stellar outcome with a double victory for RIEJU. Meanwhile, Eric Miquel finished in eleventh place, with William Hoare in seventeenth.

Sunday ushered in a change of scenery, with participants tackling a cross-country course spanning 120km through the forest, maintaining the electrifying start with all riders setting off simultaneously. On this second day, Rieju Factory members Dominik Olszowy and Rosie Rowett took on the challenge. Once again, early morning fog hindered visibility slightly, with damp terrain ideal for enduro. Olszowy initially positioned himself within the lead group but unfortunately, after a few kilometres, he collided with his bike, forcing him to retire from the race. Conversely, Rosie Rowett, making her debut in the event, navigated the course smoothly, securing the lead among the women, a position she maintained until crossing the finish line victorious in her category.

Highlighting the Rieju Academy by Massoni, Guillem Inglés secured third place on the final podium in the Junior PRO class.

Dominik Olszowy shared his experience, stating, “Bassella Race1 encompassed everything I love: Motocross, Extreme, and of course, Superenduro. The format suited me well, and I felt confident on the track. Climbing onto the podium with a Spanish bike at Spain’s premier Enduro race was an incredible feeling. I look forward to more opportunities to test my Rieju in such competitions.”

Alfredo Gómez reflected on his performance, saying, “In the MaxiTrail Race, our aim was to gain experience and assess the competition, given that I had only tested the bike for a day. We learned a great deal from the race, and I believe there’s more we can achieve. Our goal in this race was simply to participate, and that’s precisely what we did. In the final Hard Enduro, I faced a challenging start, getting stuck momentarily in softer ground, causing a delay. However, I managed to recover and secure third place. Unfortunately, Dominik overtook me due to a mishap, and although I managed to pass Walker among the lapped riders, finishing third, I wished I could have contended further for the win. With such a fast-paced and flawless course, overtaking proved immensely difficult as everyone was performing at their peak. Nonetheless, it’s satisfying to have two Rieju bikes on the podium.”

Rosie Rowett expressed her satisfaction, saying, “It’s been fantastic. Competing in my inaugural Basella event has been a thrilling experience. The start was exhilarating, and I positioned myself well without any falls. It was an intense race, covering 62km without respite, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt comfortable with the bike. I extend my gratitude to Rieju and the team for their unwavering support.”



  • Spain’s oldest active manufacturer. A family business with 100%-owned capital.
  • It produces 20,000 vehicles/year in 38 different models.
  • It exports 90% of its production to more than 35 countries. Direct distribution in Spain, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.
  • A consolidated track record and experience in the sector, with more than 500,000 units manufactured.
  • Since 2006 it’s been the market leader in Spain and Europe with a 32% market share (in 50 cc).
  • Europe’s leading brand in low-capacity motorbikes with a gearbox.
  • A pioneer in the production of custom motorbikes since 2006.
  • Concerned about sustainability, it started producing electric motorbikes in 2010.
  • Gross income 2021: €48M.